Dogs Day
Welcome to Dogs Day

I Love My Dog!Extending a friendly paw to dog lovers, new dog owners and people thinking about bringing a dog into their lives.


Here you can find information on training, help and advice (that puppy mouthing stage seems to go on forever!), suggestions for dog names, and some home made dog food recipes.

Dogs Improve Health and Happiness

Dogs promote health and happinessWalking the dog could be the secret to losing weight, keeping fit and staying happy for millions of people in the UK.

Teach 'Give Paw' or 'Shake Hands'

give paw - shake hands - trainingTeach your dog to 'shake hands' or 'give paw'. This trick is simple to teach and can form the basis of more advanced tricks.


Puppy mouthing biting and nipping

puppy chewingMouthing and chewing is a natural stage that all puppies go through. The key to success is directing your puppy to chew appropriate objects and not your hands, shoes, furniture and clothes! Different methods work for different puppies - below are some different techniques you can use to re-direct your puppy's chewing.

Making The Most of your Dogs Toys

dog toysMost dogs love to play with toys - they can be entertaining, mentally stimulating and help to curb boredom and destructiveness. Make sure you and your dog get the most out of the toys you are providing for him.


House Training your dog

House Training Your PuppyHow to potty train a puppy quickly and successfully. A comprehensive guide to housebreaking your dog which covers all the background information you will need to know including reinforcement, praise and correction, and preparation, has a detailed step by step guide to both paper training and teaching your dog to go outside, and a has a daily schedule to use as a guide in creating your own toilet training program to suit you and your puppy.

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