The Treat Keep

Treat Keep is a small plastic flexible pouch for holding training treats for your dog. At 10cm by 6.5cm and 3.5cm wide it will fit easily into your pocket, and it also comes with a belt clip on a retractable spool for easy access. To open Treat Keep you squeeze on the sides and it pops open. When you let go it pops back into shape, although you will need to gently press the top to get it to re-seal.

Treak Keep

As it is made from 100% plastic it is suitable for keeping fresh meat treats in, such as chicken or beef cubes. You can fill it up and keep it in the fridge until you need it. It is easy enough to wash afterwards, just pop it open and you can get the sponge in there to clean it out.

You could also keep a roll of dog clean up bags inside this handy container if, like me, you get sick of them migrating around in your bag and end up pulling them out at the shop counter while looking for your purse.



The major advantage Treat Keep has over some other treat pouches is that it is capable of taking fresh meat or other damp treats that would not be suitable to be kept in your pocket or in a cloth training pouch.



The only drawback to the Treat Keep is that you must have a reasonably firm grip in order to open the pouch. It is made of fairly sturdy plastic, and requires some strength in the hand to open, so it is not suitable if you have a weak grip, or problems with your hands, particularly if you are going to be opening it again and again as you would in a training situation, and it is for this reason that it gets three instead of five stars. Otherwise this is a handy little pouch, particularly useful for meaty treats. 

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