Halti Training Lead

The Halti Training Lead is a six foot (2m) double ended nylon lead, with several D rings secured along its length which allows you to clip it up to various different lengths, or to walk two dogs with one lead. You will see this lead advertised in the pet stores as small or large - this refers to the width of the webbing that makes up the lead, not the length of the lead which remains the same.

Halti Training Lead


This is an incredibly useful lead, the two clips at either end allow you to attach one to the dog, and the other to one of the several D rings on the lead itself, or to another point on the training harness (if you are using it in conjunction with the Halti Harness) There is a D ring quite close to the end which forms a traditional handle loop for walking your dog on a 6 foot lead, or you can shorten the length of the lead for heelwork or obedience. It is also very useful if you need to quickly tether your dog to a static object, or to clip round your waist if you need to do some hands free work with your dog.  The nylon webbing is very comfortable to hold, and also very durable.



The only complaint I have about this lead is that the clip on one end is larger than the other, and the end with the larger clip is the one you would clip to the dog if using the lead in its longest, 6 foot, capacity. This would not normally be a problem, but the clip is a bit large for smaller dogs and puppies. The clip on the other end is fine. If I could change one thing about this lead I would have both clips at the smaller size, however this has not detracted from the quality and every day usefulness of this lead, and it still gets the maximum 5 stars.


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