Dog Food Recipies

Home Made Dog Food Recipes

Dog Food RecipesHave you ever wanted to really treat your dog to something special, or does your dog suffer from food allergies? Whatever the reason it can be great fun as well as rewarding and good for your dogs health to make them food at home. Children love baking biscuits and cutting them into fun shapes for the family dog - or batch bake items and freeze them down so you will always have something to hand. Home made training treats can be made to a handy small size, and you know exactly what has gone into them. All our recipes avoid foods that should not be given to dogs, but if you are experimenting at home please take a moment to look at our page that lets you know what foods are actually poisonous to dogs, as some everyday food items including onions, grapes and chocolate can be very harmful to your dog.

Canine Birthday Cake

Dog Birthday CakeKids will love helping to decorate a birthday cake for the family dog, and your dog will love eating it!


Campion Liver Cake

A tasty liver cake that can be an effective training treat if cut into small pieces.

Winter Meatballs

home made dog food - meatballsSomething special that can be frozen down and re-heated for an extra treat on those cold days when your dog may need extra energy. 

Waggy Tail Ice Cream

home made dog food - ice creamWaggy tail ice cream as a treat will cool your dog down on a hot day, or cheer him up on a rainy day!

Meaty Brownies

Use beef or liver to cook these tasty meaty brownies for a treat, or to break up into small pieces for training. Ideal for freezing down. 


Halloween Pumpkin Treat

A fresh or frozen treat made with pumpkin - a great way to use up all that scraped out pumpkin flesh at Halloween.

Dogs Favorite Scrambled Eggs

I don't think I have seen my dog eat anything as quickly, or spend as long licking the bowl after as this recipe. Good for building up dogs who have lost condition or weight. 


Carrot & Parsley Bones - Dog Biscuits

Carrots, parsley, cheese and olive oil make these crunchy treats an interesting change for your dog.


Doggie Biscuits - Wheat Free

Bake wheat free dog biscuits for your best friend. These can be stored in an airtight container or frozen.

Hearty Lamb & Rice with Rosemary

A winter warming treat for your dog

Honey Sweet Cookies

Honey and cinnamon make a sweet cookie your dog will love. 


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