Male Dog Names by Type

Male Dog NamesWe have sorted our list of Male dog names by type, doggy, historical, fun, tough, and so on, to help you find the right name for your dog's personality.


Aristocratic / Historical Names:


Admiral Beethoven  Major
Ajax Byron Marmaduke
Apollo Caesar Nelson 
Ares Captain Plato
Argus Cassius Prince
Aristotle Chester Sailor
Atlas Freud Ulysses
Attila Hercules Winston
Augustus Hoover  Wolfgang
Bach Horace Zeus
Baron Hunter  


'Doggie' Names:


Blackie Bailey Fletch
Blondie Banjo Max
Blue Bingo Paddy
Brownie Bones Pal
Dancer Boomer Patches
Ginger Buddy Paws
Gizmo Buster  Ralphie 
Goldie Chipper Red 
Happy Dash Rex 
Lucky Dasher Rover 
Magic Digger Rusty
Misty Dobie  Smokey
Ace Fido  Spot


Fun dog names:


Biscuit  Baldric Ozzie
Bitsy Bandit Popeye
Bizzy Barky Quicksilver
Blaze Bear Radar 
Cairo Bobbin Rags 
Chewy Bouncer Rambo
Chico Byte Rascal
China Casper Scamp 
Chocolate  Charmer Scooter 
Cookie Comet Scout 
Curly Conan Scruffy 
Doodle Dogzilla Shelby 
Echo Dreamer Simba
Fluffy Dynamo Skeeter 
Inca Frodo Skipper
India Frosty  Skippy
Jelly Bean Gerkin Socks 
Lemon Grommet Sparky 
Muffin  Harley Spunky 
Peanut  Houdini Teddy
Pooch Indiana Tigger
Popcorn  Indie Tinker
Puddles  Jazz Tiny 
Silver Jiggles Tramp
Sleepy  Jinga Tugger
Smidge Jingles  Winky
Tickles  Junior Xray
Wags Niblet Yeller
Wiggles Nickel  Yoyo
Yappy Nifty Zippy
Armani Nugget  
Badger Oreo  


Human names popular for male dogs:


Alex Cecil Marty
Sam Charlie Melvin
Sammy Churchill Mickey
Abel Clyde Miles
Achilles Cody  Monty
Alvin  Drummer Murphy 
Amos Dudley Nicky 
Andy Duncan Norbet
Angus Dylan Oliver
Archie Elvis Ollie
Armstrong Ernie Oscar
Arty Errol Otis
Austin Frankie Ralph
Barney Heathcliff Ray
Barry  Horatio Riley 
Basil Hugo Rufus
Baxter Humphrey Rupert
Ben Isaac  Samson 
Bob Jack Sandy
Boris Jake Spencer 
Bronson Jasper Toby
Buck Jesse Wallace
Bud Jethro Wilson
Calvin Leo Zack
Casey Malcolm  


Sweet dog names:


Beans Cuddles Pickles 
Bo  Pookie Pippin
Bobo Pumpkin  Tizz
Boo Dinky Truffles


Tough dog names:


Boxer Fang  Rebel
Bronco Felix Rocky
Bruiser  Hyde Roscoe 
Bruno Khan  Rowdy 
Brutus Killer Spike
Butch King Tiger
Champ Kong Titan
Chief Punchy Tyson


General dog names:


Dakota Doc Noel
Dallas Dodger Nomad
Duffy Domino Okie
Gypsy Don Orbit
Mellow Doogie Otto
Papillon Dozer Piper 
Whiskey Floyd Poet
Amigo Foxie  Polo
Aussie Friday Porky
Axle Fritz Ranger 
Benji Huck Rudy 
Beta Hudson Runner
Bond Iggy Sherlock
Boots Iota Taz
Bubba Jed Tracker 
Cadet Kirby  Tucker 
Cassidy Levi  Tuffy
Chip Logan  Woody
Corky  Mac Zeek
Dingo Madison Zeke
Dino Marley Ziggy
Dixie Mister   


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