Halti Training Lead

Halti Training LeadThe Halti Training Lead is a six foot (2m) double ended nylon lead, with several D rings secured along its length which allows you to clip it up to various different lengths, or to walk two dogs with one lead. You will see this lead advertised in the pet stores as small or large - this refers to the width of the webbing that makes up the lead, not the length of the lead which remains the same.


The Treat Keep

Treat KeepTreat Keep is a small plastic flexible pouch for holding training treats for your dog. At 10cm by 6.5cm and 3.5cm wide it will fit easily into your pocket, and it also comes with a belt clip on a retractable spool for easy access. To open Treat Keep you squeeze on the sides and it pops open. When you let go it pops back into shape, although you will need to gently press the top to get it to re-seal.

Doggie Pubs Website

If you are looking for somewhere to have a nice meal out and take your dog along please have a look at the Doggie Pubs website, they are the first place to look for dog friendly pubs in your area:


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